Ilka SCHÖNBEIN gründete das Theater Meschugge. Unter ihrer künstlerische Leitung und Regie entstanden zahlreiche Theaterstücke. Begleitet wird sie von Alexandra LUPIDI, Mezzosopran, Komponistin, Instrumentalistin und Suska Kanzler beim ihrem neuen Stück „Weißt du was, dann tanze jetzt / Eh bien, dansez maintenant“. Pauline Drünert spielt: – Stroh zu Gold… und andere Spinnereien/Ricdin-Ricdon, begleitet wird sie von Alexandra LUPIDI.



You know what? Then dance now!


CREATURES says the ant to the grasshopper, who in his misery has begged for a crumb of
And so the little grasshopper dances. Maybe she’d touch the ant’s heart?
She dances on one leg, she dances on her hands, she dances on her head, she dances for her
life, she dances with death. She dances the dance of all creatures. The dance of existence.
Everybody dances it in his her its own way. As well, as beautifully, as creatively as he she it
possibly can. To please the one or ones who our existence or non-existence in this world
depends on. So that they let us live. Us, the creature. Us, the creation.
Another little while at least, or an eternity… a little one…
Another day, thinks the mayfly
Another summer, pleads the grasshopper
Another year, begs the little old lady
Being both creature and creator, I’ll let my creations dance one more time. For me, their
creator who brings them to life. And for you, dear public, who may give them work and bread
and … your love.
Each one of them will try in his own way to touch your heart with his misery and with his art.
– The little grasshopper surprised by the harsh winter while singing
– The fish floundering in his net
– The little chick born in a battery cage instead of a nest
– The chicken in the stockpot
– The spider that is such a good neighbour to people but gets chased away from any
But also, for example, the snail who doesn’t stop hoping that its primitive beauty will, just once,
leave more than a slimy trail in our memories.
But also the little old lady with her grace and fragility reminding us that we are already in this
world people of both worlds. All of them – and who knows who else – will dance for their life,
on the boards that mean the world to them. They’ll dance for your mercy’s sake. In order to
One more time, one more little while, one more little eternity …
only one more time, one more time, one more …